Saturday, September 21, 2013

RIP 'q' Key :-(

Recently, my colleague's thinkpad's 'q' key died. I am now thinking of digging up old xmodmap manual to use an unused key for 'q'. In the meantime, I am using the following method to input the 'q' character in gnome-terminal, firefox, etc.:

Control+Shift+u, then the hex Unicode value for the 'q' character (71)

... time to find the xmodmap manual... wait, I think I made a post about this a few years ago

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Aircel related info for my future reference

A few days ago, I had accidentally activated some Aircel service related to SMS (the service is called WBSMS1, the 1 part at the end is probably because it has validity of one day). I don't know what that service was, nor do I care. Since then every day, the service got auto renewed (that makes me angry), costing me Re.1/-

Today, I finally got fed up with it and try to call customer care number 121. Somehow it seems that I cannot talk to an aircel person using this number. For that I would have to call 198. So I called the person at the other end let me know that I am supposed to give the USSD command *122*01# to deactivate the service.

Tried it and finally the service is deactivated.

I just wanted to note the process so that I may refer back to it later.